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Sunday 12:15pm-10pm

301A Merrimack Street
Methuen, MA 01844

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Appetizers from the Sushi Bar

Sushi Appetizer  9.50

Naruto  8.50 (With tuna or salmon stuffing  8.95)

Spicy Tuna Appetizer * (Must try!)  9.50

Tuna or Salmon Tetaki  9.95

Hamachi Chili  10.50

King Crab Tower  9.95

* Hot & Spicy - We can alter the spice according to your taste.


Nigiri Sushi  (2 pieces per order)
Sashimi  (add $2.50, 3 pieces per order)

Maguro (Tuna)  5.25

White Tuna  5.25

Toro (Fatty Tuna) or Chutoro  (seasonal)

Hamachi (Yellow Tail)  5.50

Tai (Red Snapper)  4.25

Sake (Salmon)  4.95

Hirama (Fluke)  4.95

Smoked Salmon  4.50

Saba (Mackerel)  4.25

Unagi (Eel)  5.50

Ebi (Shrimp)  4.50

Tako (Octopus)  4.95

Ika (Squid)  4.50

Hokkigai (Surf Clam)  4.50

Uni (Sea Urchin)  6.50

Ikura (Salmon Roe)  4.95

Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)  4.95

Kanikama (Crabstick)  4.50

Inari (Tofu Skin)  4.50

Tamago (Egg)  4.50

Hottategai (Scallop)  (seasonal)

Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp)  (seasonal)


Maki  (6 pieces per order. Also available in hand roll)

Avocado / Kappa (Cucumber) Maki  4.50

Tofu Tempura / Sweet Potato Maki  5.25

Winter Roll   8.25
(Eel, crab and sweet potato)

Tekka Maki (Tuna roll) or Sake Maki (Salmon roll)   5.50

Shiitake, Tofu Skin & Mixed Vegetable Maki   6.25

Dragon Maki   11.50
(Spicy salmon with tobiko topped with unagi and avocado)

Volcano Maki  10.95
(Unagi, Avocado topped with crabstick and tobiko with spicy mayo)

Ika Ume-Shiso Maki   5.95
(Squid obr roll)

Shrimp Tempura Maki   6.95
(Fried shrimp roll)

Negihamchi Maki   5.50
(Yellow tail with scallion)

White Tuna Mango Maki   6.50

Spider Maki   10.95
(Soft shell crab roll)

Lobster Salad Maki   (seasonal)

Unagi Cucumber or Avocado Maki   6.75
(Eel roll)

California Roll   5.95
(Crab, cucumber, avocado with tobiko roll)

Philadelphia Roll   5.95
(Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber roll)

Spicy Kanikama   5.75

Tuna or Salmon Avocado Maki   6.25

Spicy Tuna or Salmon Maki   6.25

Spicy Scallop Roll   6.95

Spicy Yellow Tail Roll   6.50

Salmon Skin Roll   5.25

Rising Sun Maki   6.95
(Fried salmon roll 4 pc.)

Chef's Maki   9.50
(Tuna, salmon, white fish, crab, tobiko with spicy mayo)

Futo Maki   6.95
(Assorted Japanese pickles with egg roll 4 pcs.)

Rainbow Maki   11.95
(Assorted sashimi roll wrapped with seaweed)

Caterpillar Maki   8.95
(Eel roll with tobiko avocado skin spicy mayo)

Vegetable Maki   5.95

Sushi Rice   2.00

Brown rice sushi is also available for $0.75 extra


Sushi Specialties

Seafood Platter (Cold)  20.95
(4 oysters, 4 cherrystones, 4 shrimp cocktail served on an ice cold plate with cocktail sauce, horseradish and tabasco sauce)

Oyster *  10.95/half dozen   19.95/dozen
(Fresh oysters served with cocktail sauce, horse radish or tabasco sauce)

Spicy Tako Salad (New)  8.95
(Tako, crabmeat, mixed with fresh cucumber and seaweed salad in spicy sauce)

Back Bay Maki (New)  15.95
(Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and jalapeno roll, topped with scallop and avocado)

Ocean View Maki (New)  12.95
(Eel, cucumber and asparagus roll, topped with yellow fin tuna, served with wasabi sauce)

Crocodile Maki (New)  14.95
(Unagi crabmeat roll, topped with seared sirloin beef, served with ponzu sauce)

Hawaiian Sunset (Must try!)  13.95
(New Special Roll, all raw fish: tuna, salmon, hamachi, crab meat, and avocado rolled up with rice wrap. Served with thai spicy sweet sauce)

Jade Maki (New)  11.95
(Hamachi, cucumber roll, topped with yellow fin tuna and served with special light wasabi dressing and wasabi tobiko)

High Protein *  12.95
(Spicy crabmeat with avocado and cucumber, topped with yellow fin tuna and salmon. Served with Japanese wasabi yummy dressing)

Boston Uncommon (Must try!)  14.95
(Special soybean sheet, inside super white tuna with tropical mango, avocado and topped with our chef's special homemade sauce and tender lobster meat)

Blue Hawaiian   14.95
(Tuna, white tuna, mango and jalapeno pepper topped with seared yellowtail and blueberry chili sauce)

Phoenix Maki  11.95
(Special crabmeat roll topped with seared salmon and our chef's special sauce)

Crazy Maki  8.50
(Crispy shrimp tempura rolls with avocado and cucumber, and caviar on top)

Elyse Special Maki *  11.95
(Spicy cooked scallops and king crabmeat roll, topped with seared yellowtail and a hint of our chef's special sauce)

Godzilla Maki  17.95
(King crabmeat, with avocado inside, eel on top with different caviars)

Spicy Tuna Appetizer * (Must try!)  9.50
(Yellow fin tuna, avocado, sweet ginger and tobiko in our chef's special dressing)

Kiss The Fire * (Must try!)  11.95
(Spicy salmon roll with jalapeno pepper. Topped with white tuna and yellow fin tuna)

Super Diamond (New)  11.95
(Yellow fin tuna and avocado roll. Topped with salmon and mango)

Golden Maki (Deep Fried)  9.95
(Crispy salmon with avocado and crabmeat inside, a hint of unagi sauce and topped with spicy mayo)

Lobster Maki *  14.95
(Tender fresh lobster meat with tropical mango, avocado inside spicy crabmeat. Served with colorful caviars and our chef's special sauce)

Snow Mountain Maki (Must try!)  11.95
(Jumbo shrimp tempura roll topped with king crabmeat)

Red Dragon Roll *  11.95
(Spicy tuna over shrimp tempura roll decorated by an assortment of tobiko)

Rose Lady Roll  10.95
(Instead of seaweed noir, we use a special soybean sheet stuffed with spicy tuna, ginger, avocado, shrimp and tobiko. Served with spicy mayo)

Valentine Roll  11.50
(Shrimp Avocado inside, topped with fresh pineapple and crabmeat)

Rainbow Roll  12.50
(Avocado, cucumber and crabmeat topped with assorted sashimi)

Caterpillar Maki  10.95
(Eel cucumber roll topped with sliced avocado and tobiko)

Dragon Maki  11.95
(Spicy salmon roll topped with unagi, avocado, decorated by tobigo)

Volcano Maki  11.95
(Unagi with cucumber roll, topped with spicy crabmeat and tobigo)

Summer Scallop Roll  10.95
(Grilled scallop and crabmeat with spicy mayo, onion, and tobiko)



Maki Combo  8.25
(6 pcs. California roll, 3 Cucumber and 3 Avocado rolls)

Veggie Maki Combo  8.25
(6 pcs. Tofu Tempura roll and 6 shiitaki tofu skin and mixed vegetable maki)

Sushi Lunch Combo  11.95
(6 pcs. Tuna roll, 1 Tuna, 1 Salmon, 1 White Fish, 1 Hokkigai and 1 Shrimp Sushi)

Sashimi Lunch Combo  12.95
(3 Salmon, 3 pcs. Tuna, 3 pcs. Hokkigai and 3 pcs. Saba)

Sushi & Maki Combo  10.95
(6 pcs. California roll, 1 Tuna, 1 Salmon, 1 White Fish, 1 Octopus and 1 Shrimp Sushi)

Sushi & Sashimi Combo  11.95
(2 pcs. Tuna, 2 pcs. Salmon, 2 Saba Sashimi, 1 Tuna, 1 Salmon, 1 Hokkigai and 1 Shrimp Sushi)

Spicy Combo  8.95
(2 pcs. spicy Salmon and 6 pcs. Kanikama Maki)

Maki Mono  9.50
(Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll and Cucumber Roll)

Cooked Sushi Lunch Combo  10.25
(California Roll, 2 Unagi Sushi and 2 Ebi Sushi)

Chef's Special Combo  10.95
(Spicy Tuna and Salmon Maki with 2 Tuna Sushi and Salmon Sushi)


Entrees from the Sushi Bar

(All entrees served with Miso soup)

Sushi Regular (6 pcs. tuna maki)  15.95
(2 pcs. Salmon/Tuna/Shrimp/Octopus/White Fish)

Sushi Deluxe  23.95
(6 California Maki/2 pcs. Yellow Tail/Salmon/Tuna/Eel/Octopus/Squid/Makerel/Flying Fish Roe/Shrimp)

Sashimi Deluxe  24.95
(18 pieces of Chef's choice of deluxe Sashimi combination)

Sushi & Shashimi  22.95
(One chef's choice Maki, 6 pieces of Sushi, and 6 pieces Sashimi combination)

Nigiri & Maki  18.95
(One Salmon Roll, Spicy Crab Meat Naruto, and 5 pieces of Sushi)

Tekka/Sake/Hamachi/Unagi Don  16.95

Chef's Boat (for two)   44.95
(17 pieces of Sashimi, 8 pieces of Sushi, and 1 Chef's choice Maki roll)

Super Boat (for three)   60.95
(24 pieces of Sashimi, 10 pieces of Sushi, and 2 Chef's choice Maki roll)